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Learn English, Spanish and Welsh as a first or second language through fun games! Available for Windows, iOS, Android and Amazon Fire.
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An island of learning awaits...

Langeroo Adventures sets players down on an exciting island, ready for a fun, educational adventure.

Living on the island are a variety of animals, each one with a different challenge for children to complete. The challenges are fun, engaging, educational games, designed to teach and support English, Spanish and Welsh as a first or second language; along with maths games, word-based games, and other educational activities.

Suitable for Early Years, Nursery, Kindergarten and KS1 children, as well as pupils with special educational needs, and older children learning English, Spanish or Welsh as an additional language.

We’ll be adding additional games, new topics, and support for learning more languages in upcoming updates.

Check out the games!

Learn words in all our supported languages using Parrot Skies. This valuable tool allows you to work through every single word in Langeroo Adventures, by topic, in either English, Spanish or Welsh.

This flashcards tool lets you hear and see the word, alongside its image, allowing you to learn new words and practice the ones you know.

Learn face and body words in Monkey Bay.

Drag the sticker onto the correct area of the monkey's body and face.

Learn to count in Bug Hill.

Break the coconut and round up the ladybugs and learn to count in English, Spanish and Welsh.

Play a word-matching game with Tortoise Beach.

Wake up the sleeping tortoise to help him learn lots of words.

Learn the alphabet in Oyster Ocean.

Help the oysters to learn the alphabet by catching their bubbles.

Learn spellings with Crab Waterfall.

Help the crab to catch letters in the waterfall to spell words.

Learn feeling words in Monkey Jungle.

Pick the monkey that correctly matches the feeling word to learn emotions, illnesses and other feeling words.

Learn spellings in Lemur Woods.

Help the lemur jump from branch to branch, spelling out words.

These games are coming soon...

Dolphin Cove - Learn colours

Plus many more, with 11 mini-games in total making up Langeroo Adventures!

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Version 3.2.0

Version 3.2.0

Version 3.2.0 of Langeroo Adventures is now rolling out on Windows 10 (PC and Mobile), iOS, Android, and Amazon Fire tablets. This update builds upon our recent major release that introduced support for learning Spanish and Welsh (in addition to English) and the...

Version 3.1.0

Version 3.1.0

Version 3.0.10 of Langeroo Adventures is now rolling out on the Microsoft Store for Windows 10 devices (PC and Mobile), the iOS App Store, the Google Play Store for Android and the Amazon App Store for Kindle Fire tablets. You should automatically get this update in...

Also available... Langeroo Online for Schools and Nurseries...

Looking for Langeroo Online?

Langeroo is an online subscription service for schools and nurseries with interactive games and activities dedicated to supporting the teaching and learning of English to Early Years learners and EAL (English as an Additional Language) learners. Langeroo features over 300 activities and games and more than 500 words, divided into 27 fun and interesting topics.