Langeroo Adventures sets players down on an exciting island, ready for a fun, educational adventure.

Living on the island are a variety of animals, each one with a different challenge for children to complete.

The challenges are fun, engaging, educational games, designed to teach and support English as a first or second language; along with maths games, word-based games, and other educational activities.

Completing the mini-games are a lot of fun. They use touch, gestures and voice controls (coming soon); giving your child an engaging experience.

We will be releasing new games each month and adding support for learning other languages soon (including Spanish and French).

  • Explore an island full of interesting characters
  • Learn early English words from 26 topics
  • Practice spellings
  • Learn the alphabet
    Learn to count
  • Learn body parts, colours, numbers, seasons, and many, many more!

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