Today we’ve released an incremental update to the online version of Langeroo….


  • Improved home screen layout.
  • The introduction of lesson plans and supporting documents for teachers.  These plans and notes appear in our Chinese version and were popular at the BETT 2011 show, so we’re bringing them to our English version too!  Supporting documents are available from the home screen and lesson plans are available within each topic.
  • Some improvements to the sign-up procedure, account management and password recovery procedure.



  • Some general fixes related to font sizes and adjusting the clickable areas on some activities.
  • Some changes in relation to frame rate to improve the timing of the feedback on the click-on games.
  • Improvements to some of the images and how they are cropped in the flash-card and word bank activities.
  • A couple of bug fixes related to some sounds not automatically playing on the click-on games.
  • Some improvements to the images themselves on the flash-card game to make it more clear what is being featured on the cards.


We’re very pleased to be able to keep improving, and adding functionality to our software.  We’re in the process of developing some new features for the software based on feedback from users at the BETT 2011 show.  If you have any feature requests or suggestions, or if you spot anything that requires our attention, please contact Chaos Created at – we’d love to hear from you.

We’re busy working on further improvements for future releases.  These improvements include a “Word Bank” built into the Scene Maker activities, so pupils can quickly label objects in their scenes.


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