Chaos Created and UK2U Education are pleased to announce the release of version 1.2 of Langeroo.

The majority of the changes in this version are geared towards making our popular Scene Maker activity more useful and easier to use on interactive whiteboards and touch-screen devices.


The new interface


The new interface for the Scene Maker activities makes it simpler to add objects, add labels and to print your work.


Simply click the large “Plus” symbol to add an object to the scene, as before.


You can then pick your object and resize it within the scene using the “+” and “-“ buttons on each object.


Before, pupils had to manually type in labels for the scene.  Now you can pick the labels from a list and easily label your scene.

Pupils can, if they wish, still manually type in their own labels and add them to the scene.


New fonts


We’re also beginning to roll out new fonts to our game.  Our new font is based on teacher feedback and adds the “curly a” and clearer lower and uppercase characters to our games and activities.

We’re rolling the new font out into the Scene Maker activities today, but will be updating all of our activities over time.


Version 1.2 of Langeroo is live today! We offer a free trial for anybody wishing to try out Langeroo.

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