Sometimes it’s hard for young children to communicate their feelings. Perhaps they are unsettled and nervous about starting a new school or being with a new teacher. Maybe they have a specific educational need or possibly they do not have enough ’language’ to express themselves.

Some years back, two children arrived in my class. They had come from another European country and they were refugees. Neither spoke any English. Although they received support, they really struggled in the playground and for some time ended up ‘hitting out’ at their peers. Not because they were naughty children, but because they were frustrated and couldn’t communicate how they were feeling. I wish I’d had Langeroo back then!

The Langeroo ‘People/How Are You?’ topic focuses on feelings and emotions, for example, happy, sad, tired, excited, angry, moody…

This mini topic is useful with young children in nursery and Key Stage 1/Foundation Phase. It is also beneficial for older children for whom English is an additional language and children who have difficulty communicating.

SceneMakerFeelingsAll words in all Langeroo topics have a matching picture, spoken word and written word enabling children to use picture, sound and written cues. Remember that in most Langeroo games/activities, you have the opportunity to choose to hear the spoken word or not. This means that you can use Langeroo with pupils who are less reliant on sound cues and are developing their reading skills.

There are 6 different interactive activity types in the ‘How Are You?’ topic that reinforce all of the words. Flashcards can also be printed from the software – why not use them for circle time and display?

The Scene Maker activity is a great open ended activity/tool with many uses for teaching and learning. The child can create their own scene, add labels from the drop down list or create their own labels in any language. Scenes can be printed.

Remember, Langeroo can be used by individuals, small groups or as a whole class. Langeroo works on Interactive White Boards, PCs, Macs and on some tablets.

We’re sure you have lots more ideas. Please share them with us so that we can share them with the Langeroo Community.

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