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‘Shopping’ is a popular theme in the Foundation Phase and at KS1. Perhaps this is why it is one of our nation’s favourite pastimes!

The Langeroo topics within our Eating, Shopping and Playing modules have great cross curricular opportunities and can be used creatively to enhance your pupil’s and children’s learning.

One objective is for children to be able to identify a wide variety of items that can be purchased at the shop or market using picture, sound and/or the written cues.

Remember that in most Langeroo games/activities, you have the opportunity to choose to hear the spoken word or not. This means that you can use Langeroo games and activities with older or more able pupils who are less reliant on sound cues and are developing their reading skills.

Money screenshot 2But hey, let’s be a bit more creative – why not use the bright, colourful graphics in Langeroo to develop children’s knowledge and understanding of money?

The Scene Maker in any of the Langeroo ‘Eating, Shopping and Playing’ topics is a great tool for this.

Simply create a scene and use the labels to display prices. You can create as many labels as you wish (in any language).

This looks fantastic on an IWB and really draws the attention of the children.

Questions for the children to solve could be:

  • How much do apples cost?
  • What is the total cost of the train and the teddy?
  • Calculating change to 10p, 20p, 50p, £1 and more
  • Choosing the correct coins and notes (play money needed) to match the prices shown.
  • You have £1 to spend, what will you buy and why? Record your purchases and spending.

We’re sure you have lots more ideas. Please share them with us so that we can share them with the Langeroo Community.


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